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Birth: Grady Tyler | Orlando Birth Photography

AMAZING. That is the only way I can describe photographing a new, tiny, precious person coming into this world. To be a part of the beginning of new life is one of the most amazing things anyone can do and I LOVE it!

Carrie has been one of my best friends for over seven years. When she asked me if I had done birth photography or would like to photograph her birth I jumped at the opportunity. For the past few months I have been thinking about doing it but was not sure if/when the right time would be. God put our two paths together and we ended up with this beautiful birth story of Grady Tyler.

Kim Truelove Photography | Birth Photographer

I arrived at Orlando Health | Health Central at about 5:30am on March 4, 2014. All was quite and still.

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-3
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-4
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-5

Carrie & Rich’s Pastor Dawn came up to the hospital that morning to say a prayer with them before Carrie’s C-Section delivery.

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-6
Everything was prepped and ready. The amount of love and support they had that morning was amazing. Their parents and pastor as well
as their doctor and anesthesiologist took a moment to hold hands and say a prayer for the miracle of life that was about to happen.
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-7
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-8
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-9
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-10

One last kiss before the surgery begins. In just a few moments they would become a family of four.

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-11
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-12

Rich was suited up and ready to go into the operating room to watch his child (the gender was a surprise by the way) enter into this world.

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-13
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-14
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-16
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-17

and this is the moment that forever changed me. Grady’s first moment in this world as he was gently guided out by the doctor.

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-18
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-19
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-20
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-21
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-22
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-23
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-24
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-25

Next up, a trip to the waiting room to let everyone know what the baby was! There was so much joy in this moment.

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-26
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-27
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-28

And the moment all the grandparents were waiting for… a first look at their newest family member.

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-29
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-30
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-31
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-32

And another breathtaking moment as daddy held his little boy for the first time.

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-33

My absolute favorite moment of the day when Carrie finally got to hold her new precious baby boy.

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-34
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-35
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-36
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-37
Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-38

All is right in the world <3

Grady_Orlando_Birth_ Photographer-39

Kim Truelove Photography | Orlando Birth Photography

  • Ashley Durham - That is amazing! Great job capturing this!!ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you Ashley. You did an amazing job on that last birth you posted!ReplyCancel

  • Katie L. - Amazing Kim! Wanna come up to NY for my next pregnancy!? LolReplyCancel

  • Laureen - Kim, these are amazing beyond words.
    I am in tears.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you so much for the kind words Laureen <3ReplyCancel

  • Jan Jasanis - Oh, Kim, these are amazing! I saw Carrie’s video–and cried through it–and can hardly breathe looking at this again. You captured so much emotion in all of these photos and told all of these stories so well. Thank you, dear friend, for making an amazing keepsake for all of us.ReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you Jan. I am so glad that I am part of your family’s life. I hope you all can enjoy these for many generations!ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Hougham - Tears are streaming!!! Beautiful work, Kim!ReplyCancel

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